Missions Team

The Coast Community Church has a missions focus both on and off shore and is actively involved in practical growth across the cultures. Our leaders encourage those who feel the call to participate in Mission work in other countries.

Currently we are in partnership with the San Mateo Church in the Philippines, through International Needs. This is a young church with very little in terms of facilities and resources. So it is our hope to bless them practically, financially and spiritually, encouraging their growth and development.

For more information about the San Mateo church and Pastor Gideon contact Bruce Scott Ph. (04) 293 1577

Kerry & Maree Hastie, with their children Johanna, Ethan and Jesse are currently serving at the MAF base in Queensland, Australia. Kerry is an aircraft engineer and is working on keeping the MAF planes safely in the air.

If you would like to become a prayer or financial supporter the Hasties would love to hear from you.