PLAYGROUP runs on Monday mornings at 9:00-11:30am during the school terms.  There is a small charge, which covers sandwiches and drinks for the children, while the adults enjoy “real” coffee and nice (sometimes chocolate) biscuits.

During the session we have music time and all are invited to participate, however there is a reading room for those who don’t feel like grooving with the group!  There are varieties of activities to occupy the young minds: play dough, painting, crafts, bikes, roller coasters, prams, dress-ups, books, cars and puzzles.  Sometimes the Mums and Dads have a bit of fun too.  There are excellent parenting magazines and books and we try to provide a nice place where parents can talk and get advice and encouragement from others.

If you have any children aged between 1 month and 5 years and are currently sitting at home wondering what to do on a Monday morning, why not come along and have some fun!

Even if you are no longer a mother of pre-schoolers you would be most welcome, as there are opportunities for service in the kitchen and getting alongside the parents that come.


Contact:          Renee Ward Ph. (04) 298 8003